Team of two leading companies

Jaffa biscuit factory from Crvenka was established in 1975, producing Jaffa cakes which instantly became one of the most favourite sweets in Serbia. Through the years it expanded its portfolio, introducing other biscuits, savory snacks and wafers.

The Banini company was founded in 1979. Over the years it has become known for its unique products in the category of biscuits and cakes. For decades, the name Banini has been a synonym for perseverance, innovation, unique features, tradition and quality.

Strengthening the leading position among the producers of confectionery products, Jaffa Crvenka merged with the Banini factory, which led to the creation of a new, joint team of two leading confectioners in the region.

We have also been cooperating and exporting our products to other countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, China, UAE, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.